Improving plans

Happy Halloween and an even better "castanyada"! Hope you all enjoyed the spookiest and most delicious night of the year.
Back to business, we have one class to recover. It's not going to be the same as actually having it presentially, but it will definetely be better than doing it with no one in it, right? ;-)

So, this is what you have to do to recover such an important class like last Wednesday's.
You need a computer with OpenProject installed in it. If you don't have it installed, you can download it and install it from here.
Once installed in your computer, go to the Virtual Campus and open the OpenProject file called "Improve Planning MIX".
In the Virtual Campus print the document called "Improve plans (help sheet)", so you can use it as a guide throughout the virtual class.

Now, hit play and watch this video.

There are, of course, more techniques (you have them on the Help sheet), but this ones are enough for today.

Now you've learnt te basic techniques. It's time for you to try them. Go to the Virtual Campus and open the OpenProject file called "Improve planning (overwork)". What you have to do with those tiny mini-exercises is just to solve the overwork. Just like in the example we used in the previous video, we can only use the resources that we have in each of the mini-exercises. The goal has to be to solve the overwork but always be as efficient as possible. Try different techniques to decide, finally, the best for each situation.
You'll find the instructions in this video:

If you have any difficulties, sent me an email. You you've finished it and want to give it a try, send it to me via email.